Youth Empowerment Speaks

Mission Statement

We the youth commit to be leaders, to help friends, assist peers, and help family members make better choices about drug and alcohol abuse. We also want to make a difference for ALL those who have been impacted by drug and alcohol use and abuse.

About Us

Our Youth Empowerment Speaks group is a professional organization where young people are offered an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on life. This program is led by professionals and missionaries and includes creating community events, pledges, and other activities to provide education and insight about various issues including bullying, substance abuse, and peer pressure. Our goal through this youth group is to come together and discuss each others’ difficulties, and problems confidentially and support one another and learn effective ways to cope with their problems.

Our outreach organization presents annually at the professional symposium  interacting with  with the adult professionals in the room and learned to become leaders of their own world. We have also participated in the NYS (ASAP) Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Provides Youth Conference at the Brooklyn Marriott.

YES Speaks, is your source for teen drug abuse and alcohol prevention information. We are available to guide teens to obtain information about drug effects, the signs of drug abuse and alcoholism,alternatives to use, and substance abuse treatment options. 

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